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Relive the thrills of riding coasters as a child in one of the most popular rollercoaster games, Rollercoaster Creator. Go behind the scenes and bring back the memories of fun and excitement in the first release in this series of games.

Rollercoaster Creator is a top notch game title that allows you to create your own roller coaster complete with loops, drops, inclines and more. Have fun and challenge yourself by collecting coins to complete each level. You can even earn thrill coins by making tracks that riders really enjoy!

The goal of the game is to build a coaster that collects all of the gold coins floating in the air. Reach the checkered flag at the end of the ride with all of the coins collected and you’ll move on to the next level. There are 21 fun levels to experience in the original Rollercoaster Creator. Start out by hand drawing a track and then test out your creation in an attempt to collect coins while keeping the riders safe.

Before playing the game, you should first click “How To Play” button on the main menu screen. This will give you a quick introduction and teach you how to draw steep drops, up tracks, down tracks, steep inclines and loops. It takes a little practice to build perfect track, but it’s definitely a rewarding experience in the end, so don’t give up!

Rollercoaster Creator Game Instructions

  • Draw track – left-click, hold and move your mouse to draw a track for your coaster.
  • Use track – click the “Play” button on the game screen to try out your track with riders.
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