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Roller Coaster 3 is an exciting game where you run your own amusement park. Build it from scratch and watch the people come and have a great time.

Choose rides like the super coaster and Spinnerz. Put in a drink stand and also food stands. Remember to put trash cans and benches in your park to keep it neat and comfortable. Get workers to clean up the park and your rating will get better.

You need to pay your bills every 5 days so make sure you have at least $800 to pay them. You can advertise on television or in the newspaper. New rides and stands will unlock when you keep getting more people to come to your park.

Put in a balloon stand and see all the colorful balloons being carried around. You can even change the color of the balloons the guests are carrying.

Your goal is to get 1,500 people in your park. Once you do this you win! But you can continue playing as long as you want to earn more money.

Change rides as often as you wish by clicking on remove. You can then add another one in it’s space. This is just one of many roller coaster games you can play online. It is easy to do and fun for everyone.

Roller Coaster 3, 4.0 out of 5 based on 21 ratings
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  1. donna says:

    This game is wicked i love it. Best game ever on here!

  2. junior says:

    i am beast at this game.

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