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Take control of a small roller coaster, as it heads down a track with missing sections which must be jumped over, and which are also at varying heights. Roller coaster games are expected to be exciting and fun, but Epic Coaster goes well beyond expectations!

Control of the game is quite simple. The game scrolls left to right, with the coaster cars remaining near the left side of the screen, which makes it easier to see what is ahead of you. The only control that you need is the space bar to jump. The coaster will pop up off of the track, and the longer you hold down the space bar, the higher the jump will be. Timing the jumps to stay on the track when it shifts to a different height seems easy at first, but gets much more difficult as you progress. When you eventually crash, there is an amusing scream and explosion noise, and you see your passengers bail out with parachutes.

You earn bonus points for various things that happen along the track as the game progresses. Points are earned for disturbing flocks of birds sitting on the track, watching jet planes fly by overhead, watching sky divers jump out of airplanes, landing in front of cameras and having your picture taken, making perfect jumps, how long you maintain your ride, and many other factors. Doing these various special feats multiple times will really rack up the score, as will going as far as possible without crashing. When you complete certain goals for a specific number of times, you unlock various achievements, such as landing two jumps on the same piece of track, or travelling one thousand meters.

The music for the game is an amusing carnival song loop on the ready screen, and when you press the space bar to start the game, it switches to a fast paced techno loop, which is fun and engaging.

This game is a great way to spend some free time, and could be hours of fun!

Epic Coaster Game Controls

  • Jump – space bar.
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  1. lexi says:

    Great game ill play this again (it rocks).

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