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If you’ve ever dreamed of building your own looping, swooping and twisting roller coasters, you’ll love Build Your Own Coaster. Build exciting tracks and try them out in one of the most unique roller coaster games available. Each level begins with a partially built track that features the first hill that your roller coaster needs to build speed. Drag pieces of track that you’d like to add and drop them in order. The pieces will adjust to flow together in one smooth run.

You have eight track pieces to choose from. These options include the crazy batwing, the basic but exciting large loop, a slight dip or banked curve, camel backs and corkscrews, and the boomerang. Add a tunnel near the beginning or end to create a scarier experience. With these options you could create a copy of your favorite high-speed coaster or create a totally new design no one has ever seen before.

Once you’ve built your track, you can set the roller coaster cars loose to ride it. A small red dot will show the progression of the ride and the Fear Meter at the bottom will track how impressed riders are as they experience all of the twists and turns. You can watch the meter jump up or drop down as they pass through each part of the track. Keep an eye on drops in fear to determine which parts of your track aren’t as impressive. Certain track pieces create fear bonuses when arranged in the right order. After the ride is over, the track resets and gives you a chance to build a totally new masterpiece.

Build Your Own Coaster Game Controls

  • Place track pieces – left-click, hold and drag the peices onto the game screen.
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    Fun game

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